The village of Robertson is a three minute drive from The Cottage and has basic needs for your supplies, including a supermarket, butcher, deli, bakery and the iconic Cheese Factory. If you don’t wish to cook at home, there is a very good restaurant at the pub, excellent bowling club Asian food, Tex-Mex at Rockabellas, wood fired pizzas and pasta at Pizzas in the Mist, three cafes and a pie shop.

There are also gift shops, retro shops, an antique shop, a pharmacist, doctor, servo, mechanic and hairdresser. An Internet cafe is run by volunteers at the CTC.

Traditionally ‘Robbo’ was known for its timber industry, then vegetable growing, particularly potatoes, and dairy farming. Today the land mainly supports beef cattle and small boutique and hobby farms, including Small Cow Farm cheese, Pecora Dairy ewe’s milk cheese, Yelverton Truffles, and you can even buy a fresh rainbow trout from Dennis Dorling’s trout farm on 4885 1193.

It was in Robertson that the movie Babe was filmed because of its rolling green hills and English countryside. Many famous artists, writers, composers, actors, filmmakers and television personalities have chosen Robertson as their home. Ceramic and art classes are sometimes offered by Cloud Farm Studios.

The historic railway station has regular visits from the Cockatoo Run train, and the occasional steam train. Every year in spring there are beautiful open gardens on display and the Robertson Show is a legendary event in Feb/March.  

Every Saturday morning from 9am to 12 noon, come to Crop Swap in Robertson village outside Rockabella’s, where locals swap their veggies and home made produce. Have a coffee and meet the real locals.

For further information visit the Robertson Village website.